World Poetry Day


I gave you a name.
A beautiful name to start you on your journey, but I know it is only temporary.
A whisper of your true name.

Life is filled with whisper, you just have to listen for it.
Birth is the first. Your welcome to the world.

Did you hear it?

A sunrise, a crashing wave, a perfect harmony. All whispers of who you truly are.
Listen for it when you are young, and learn to fill your life with moments of whisper.

How do you know when you’ve heard it? You will know.
Your heart fills with joy as you close your eyes to memorize the moment.

Listen. Right then, when you discovered what you were made for.
The head acknowledges the heart. A quiet whisper.

My greatest prayer is to help you hear your whisper, because I know when I do, I’ll hear mine too.

One day we will be given a new name. Our true name. Written on a white stone.
The name I gave you will pale in comparison to the beauty of the name that perfectly describes you.

Who else could sum up all that is you in one beautiful name?
The One who knows your heart.

Your true name will sound familiar and complete, and on that day your heart will be content.
As you rest in the fullness of being known.

Listening to the voice of your Beloved…no longer a whisper.


-Bonnie Clark