School Visits

TASTE YOUR WORDS: Teach Kids About Kindness

My 45-minute program centers around teaching kids the palatable power of speaking kind words. I will talk about the journey from the first book I wrote (in the 3rd grade!) to becoming a published author, and I will read my picture book: TASTE YOUR WORDS. We’ll have a flavorfully fun time!

CATCHING THOUGHTS: Teach Kids About Mental Health

What do you do with a troublesome, unwanted thought? In this 45- minute program I will talk about what how to approach the thought (sadness, anxiety, OCD etc.) with gentle curiosity and empower young minds to actively choose thoughts bring beauty, joy & calm into their lives.

Virtual Visits

I now offer a virtual presentation and reading of TASTE YOUR WORDS or CATCHING THOUGHTS tailored to grades K-5. I’ll mail signed bookplates for book purchases!

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